Your risks

Under control

Built into our Business Management system is our Risk Management process, this includes HIRAs, COSSH, Emergency Response and Business Risk, etc. Specific to Marine UXO activity the management of risk is a day-to-day activity for UXOcontrol. Marine risks include visibility, current, tides and weather, etc. We have access to databases that detail 20 years of hindcast weather data, in addition our large track record gives us first-hand experience of many offshore locations. Seabed conditions also can be a risk particularly during UXO identification campaigns. Our Remote Operated Dredge system provide a unique and innovative solution in this risk area.

UXOcontrol can deliver a total package of risk mitigation for marine projects concerning UXO. The company is committed to new technology and innovation with highly trained field operators and stringent quality standards through its accreditation. We understand the requirements of reporting and evaluation in explosive ordnance management to deliver a UXO Clearance Certificate based on the as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) principle.