Your Environment


Most of the scope completed by UXOcontrol has a minor impact on the environment, that being survey and UXO identification and clearance. If we have confirmed UXO, and relocation is not an option then disposal is the only mitigation available. At UXOcontrol we take this activity very seriously and fully consider the environmental conditions and take as many precautions as are technically available to reduce harm to the lowest possible level. We always fully adhere to MARPOL environmental requirements, proactively planning to reduce the impact to fauna and flora. Generally, two minor warning explosions are fired to warn sea life, 30 minutes, and 10 minutes prior to detonation of the main charge to dispose of the UXO.

A standard operation would be as follows, the marine mammal mitigation equipment is deployed by the EOD Support Vessel together with the sub-sea Passive Acoustic Monitor System (PAMS), Acoustic Deterrent Device (ADD) and Marine Mammal Observer Portable PAM’s operator. The EOD Support RIB will remain in the vicinity to deploy marine mammal mitigation equipment and fire fish-scaring charges during the countdown to detonation time. A bubble curtain can also be utilised to further reduce the impact of the main detonation charge. The bubble curtain surrounds the identified UXO and produces a continuous stream of compressed air which acts as a deterrent to sea life during EOD operations.