UXOcontrol B.V. is a 100% brand of N-Sea and BODAC B.V. supporting the Offshore Industry in UXO Risk management for many years on Strategy of Explosive Remnants of War and CBRNE on land and underwater.

The Company has extensive experience with landfall and marine UXO Surveys, Investigation, Clearance and Explosive Engineering.

Our experts have first-hand experience in varying international locations, working closely with our client and execute the work ourselves or in collaboration with either local authorities, international Mine Action agencies or Joint military operations.

UXOcontrol can deliver a total package of Risk Mitigation for marine projects on Unexploded Ordnance. The execution of our 9-phase framework strategy brings your project under control and is done by passionate and competent employers with quality appliances. The company is committed to new technology with highly trained field operators and stringent quality standards through its accreditation.

We understand the requirements of reporting and evaluation in Explosive Ordnance management to deliver an UXO clearance certificate based on as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) principle.

Phase 1: UXO Threat Assessement

UXO Threat Assessment

Phase 2: Historical Research

Historical Research

Phase 3: UXO Risk Assessment

UXO Risk Assessment

Phase 4: UXO Survey

UXO Survey

Phase 5A: PUXO Identification

pUXO Identification

Phase 5B: UXO Clearance

UXO Clearance

Phase 6: ALARP Sign Off

Alarp Sign-off

Phase 7: Life Cycle Support

Life Cycle Support