With UXOcontrol’s next-generation MagSense system, you’re leaving nothing to chance. It’s a solution that takes unexploded ordnance (UXO) survey technology to the next level. MagSense delivers unprecedented accuracy, greater efficiency, and enhanced safety in the detection of UXO. It’s been designed and introduced by N-Sea to collect and record high resolution data in magnetically noisy subsea environments – and in hostile conditions. When you want to make sure nothing gets in the way of your construction schedule and budget, turn to MagSense. It makes sense.

It’s a multi gradiometer with a wing type frame that not only delivers wide seabed coverage – but meets ever more demanding client requirements in the offshore energy generation and distribution markets. MagSense delivers higher levels of efficiency, performing survey work swiftly and reliably within the pre-construction phase. MagSense achieves best-in-class accuracy to underpin an efficient and cost-effective identification and removal process. MagSense meets your safety goals: its specially designed launch-and-recovery system keeps manual handling to a minimum and reduces risk. MagSense is all about maneuverability and flexibility, designed to reflect modern-day imperatives in offshore construction – and adapt to individual client needs.

The 3D steered multiple vertical gradiometer array features a 3.3m wing frame with up to eight G882 Caesium Vapour magnetometers mounted in vertical pairs, spaced evenly across the wing.


Efficiency and accuracy?


  • Heading sensor
  • UBSL beacon/acoustic responder
  • Altimeter (within G882 and ScanFish)
  • Seabed autotracking capability
  • Real time measurements
  • Dual Fish increasing coverage
  • Very low magnetic signature
  • Horizontal and vertical stability to enhance confidence in data
  • Reduced number of ‘false’ targets compared to traditional systems
  • Improved detection range (over 8m for 50kg targets)
  • High data acquisition speed thanks to increased detection range, high speed of average 5 knots and wide swath. The swath can be doubled by running dual MagSense systems
  • Operating limits from 5m to 250m water depth
  • Capable of flying at 1m altitude
  • Capable of working in strong currents thanks to steering module
  • Capable of launch and recovery into 1.5m-2.0m Hs
  • Vertically and horizontally steerable