Our customer’s schedule is clearly extremely important, we work very closely with all our customers to ensure we complete the contracted services within the timeframe as agreed. We also understand that schedules may change due to wider project influences, and we are able to adapt our operations around to fit in with changes.

This is mainly due to our large equipment inventory and having more than one vessel operating at any one time. In addition, we have access to key assets that allow us to work in the challenging conditions that the marine environment provides. These include our Remote Operated Dredge, MagSense, High Speed ROV, crawler ROV, COBRA, Remote Ordnance Lifting System to name a few.


Recognising that reporting is a primary deliverable, we have invested heavily in our in-house Data Centre utilising highly experienced full-time data processors, report writers and dedicated charting and GIS specialists. With state-of-the-art processing hardware and software and space to accommodate additional personnel during busier periods, the Data Centre is capable of high productivity while the continuity of permanent staff and a coordinated focal point in the Manager means that all the deliverables are produced to a consistently high and quality-controlled standard on time.