The 4-Winds ready for her first UXO Identification job soon

The 4-Winds, painted in her new colours and currently being outfitted in IJmuiden to make her ready for her first UXO Identification job.

Equipped with a 100 hp Triton XL Work Class ROV outfitted with TSS 440, MBES, Orphie cam & Dredge Pump, all installed on a raised deck, she is an ideal candidate to perform this type of work.

The fully overhauled Triton XL WROV vehicle and TMS system are being operated through a completely rejuvenated Control System by Vocean Ltd – ROV Rental & Services.

With thanks to Lawson Engineers the WROV and TMS are launched by a fully overhauled Launch and Recovery System (LARS) which comes with Active Heavy Compensation by Scantrol AS.

UXO Identification works are lined up for her in the coming months, followed by the relevant clearance campaigns for these jobs.

N-Sea Group is proud to have her onboard and wishes her and her crew a safe journey ahead.

Photo credit: Machiel Kraaij