Our Safety approach is at the heart of everything we do. There is no task too big or too small that does not have safety at the front and center. Our safety approach is based upon no harm to our people, our supplier’s people, our client’s people and any other stakeholder in which we share the same work location. The same approach is applied to vessels, equipment and other assets.

UXOcontrol’s primary work activity is unexploded ordnance which itself requires a high level of safety awareness and the necessary procedures and processes in place to control these activities with safety always as the priority. In addition, our primary work location is offshore and nearshore which means we also have to plan and execute our projects with all the marine influences being properly managed and respected. Our track record and business management system provides our back bone to this management and execution process. We are professional when it comes to low visibility, high currents, tides, sea state, wind, etc. The marine environment is our office and we manage the workload to ensure it is a safe place to work.

Over 10000 ha UXO surveyed
Over 15000 UXO target identified
Over 300 UXO disposals
Zero incidents

During 2019 N-Sea Group had a total of nine vessels operating with both the Noordhoek Pathfinder and Relume being the two vessels we typically utilize for UXO operations. Both vessels have achieved zero LTI’s since being employed by the N-Sea Group giving assurance of a proven solution with regular crews who have a detailed knowledge and understanding of project requirements.

N-Sea and Bodac formed the JV back in 2016 to provide a complete UXO solution, since the formation we have had over 20satified clients on over 40 different project locations. Some of the details regarding our previous successful contracts can be found within the Track Record Section..


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